Aric Dromi’s top 5 lessons learned (annotated)

Are your current goals the correct goals for your enterprise?

Aric Dromi

When you sit down with Aric Dromi you’re always going to come away with new and different thoughts. In revealing his top 5 lessons learned, Aric shares how following common wisdom might just be a fool’s errand.

Aric Dromi’s top 5 lessons learned (annotated):

1. Innovation is an ecosystem not a job title.

It seems the point here is that you can’t go it alone. And innovation isn’t conceived on command. Innovation comes from the bottom, up or from the outside, in – not the top, down.

2. Innovation without creativity and invention equals what you have now.

…Meaning not innovation. Are you allowing for true creativity and invention in your enterprise? If you internally smirked before you said, yes - you take Aric’s point. Admit that you’re simply fast-following (at best) if there just isn’t room for creativity and invention in your shop at present. (Also, maybe freshen-up the resume)

3. Focusing on increasing your core earning model – and forgetting how to entice and defend it – will never give you the tools and know-how to expand the pie of your business model.

…So this is the end destroying the means. If you’re just focus on how profitable your business is today, your business will not be profitable tomorrow.

4. Engaging in iterative change ensures you follow the pack as opposed to reap the rewards of being a market leader.

Hat-tip to lesson #2, but as far as Aric is concerned this goes beyond never receiving the glory. If you search for his content on AIIA, you’ll find that his true concern is that iterative change is global society’s biggest issue. In essence, we deserve what we get out of this industrial revolution if we don’t truly disrupt ourselves.

5. You can never look into tomorrow using yesterdays eyes.

In a way, this sums up lesson #1 through lesson #4. Fear is the spawn of ignorance. If you only consider what has happened – or worse, what is happening – you can’t help us with tomorrow. Learn from the past, be present in the moment and let that insight allow you to think differently about the future.