Big Data, Small Data live Podcast at CEM Telecom London

Joing AIIA Editor-in-Chief moderating a panel on the macro and micro view of your customer

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Big data and predictive analytics account for a sizable portion of the promise of improved CX based on personalization and customer offerings and interactions. While big data is proving a strong asset in selling to customers, it is often remarkably weak at guiding businesses in serving those customers.

When assessing customer pain points, big data tells us where the problem lies, but it is only with diving deep into small data we can figure out what the problem actually is. How do we utilise the two to deliver both the scope and the individual touch? Our experts will discuss the challenges of personalising experiences for their customers, looking at the macro – big data and the micro data.

The session covers:

  • What are the potential hazards trying to predict future behaviour using big data without assessing what the small data is saying about the past and present?
  • How small data help to reveal customer insights that big data cannot?
  • Why big data’s attempts to personalise offerings can often feel impersonal and how do we overcome that?
  • Why businesses need to embrace both big data and small data to create a superior end-to-end CX?
  • Why an effective small data practice can be the key that unlocks the ability implement your omni-channel service strategy?

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