The AI Universe on the AI & Intelligent Automation Network

Seth Adler

A resource for finding, understanding and connecting with key solution providers


The AI & Intelligent Automation Network is still in its first year of existence. We’re in the process of ensuring that it’s a valuable tool and resource for corporate enterprise IA & AI practitioners.

Over the next few months, we’ll have more and more information and news for you. At this moment, it’s the AI Universe that we’re announcing. The AIU will be adding solution providers from the space over time. We’ve currently got roughly 30 companies on the platform.

The goal is to provide a resource for you to check in on solutions, realize and connect with providers.

This is a service for AIIA members. So if you’re not a member, join for free here now.

As we go, we’ll have dozens of case studies up on the AIU and today, we’re excited to showcase a case study on Hovis, provided by Thoughtonomy.

Hovis has been able to improve the responsiveness, and ensure accuracy and delivery within the Hovis IT function by providing a tactical tool available around-the-clock, virtually eliminating errors in areas such as master data updates and scheduling.

Blending proprietary industry data with regular updates from artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation (IA) technology vendors, the Artificial Intelligence Universe allows users to explore AI and IA services (including RDA, RPA and cognitive) for business services across the world.

The AI Universe is a neutral platform to house continuously-updated customer and vendor data on all aspects of AI and IA.

The AI Universe provides interactive data on the global AI and IA vendor landscape, including an ‘apples to apples’ comparison of AI and IA vendors’ technical capabilities.

The AI Universe is a quickly evolving resource that is constantly expanding to include new solutions, case studies and research from innovators in AI and IA.

To find out how you can make your company and solution part of the AI Universe click on the Contact AIIA portal link below or email us at