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'Digital Crap': AI Potential vs. AI Reality

harmeen mehta

Aric Dromi

Chief Futurist

  • Creating Friction vs. Finding Seamlessness
  • Tech piling up vs. solving
  • Being Tactical vs. Being Strategic
  • John Searle’s Chinese Room & Adam Smith's Free Market Economy
  • The Future Is Now: We must move forward now...To Be or Not To Be



Einar Michaelsen, Nordic Automation Manager, Santander

Samit Nag: Head of HRDSO, World Bank

Ifte Islam: Technical Lead, RPA CoE, World Bank

In this panel discussion we look at how to move from RPA to Intelligent Automation looking at processes out of reach for RPA that can now be automated.

The session also focuses in on ‘Phantom AI,’ Robot business continuity plans and best practices for implementation.

  • The automation challenge: How do you manage digital workforce risk?
  • Bridging the gap between RPA and AI
  • Combining RPA and cognitive technologies
  • Best Practices for successful cognitive automation
  • Develop a foundation for employee training



Abhishek Tammina and Sairam Iyer


  • Align your RPA Program with enterprise vision
  • Prioritize processes and plan budgets
  • Measure outcomes and create a reporting framework
  • John Searle’s Chinese Room & Adam Smith's Free Market Economy
  • Develop a foundation for employee training



Deepak Subbarao

Digital Transformation Lead, Zurich Insurance Co

  • What is your organizational structure- centralized, decentralized, hybrid?
  • What are the actual intelligent automation solutions which can benefit your organization depending on it's structure?
  • What are lessons learned from ERP, Mobile, Cloud which can aid our intelligent automation digital transformation?



Bill Galusha

Director of Product Marketing, ABBYY

harmeen mehta

Reggie Twigg

Director of Product Marketing, Data Capture, ABBYY


An Automated World

harmeen mehta

Anshul Srivastav

Chief Information Officer, Information Technology, Union Insurance

  • Reviewing the opportunities for front and back-end automation
  • Understanding the potential cost-savings on a bigger scale


Evolution from Rule-Based RPA to Intelligent Process Automation

harmeen mehta

Sudhir Sen

Co-Founder and Products Head, Jiffy RPA

harmeen mehta

Mats Johannesson

Technology Director, Volvo

  • Evaluating processes that can benefit from cognitive automation, and the need for specialized Intelligent Automation solutions like JiffyRPA to create an end-to-end automation framework.
  • How a specialized Data Interface is essential, and how Volvo implemented Analytics on top of RPA.
  • How a single RPA platform can help enterprises to automate from simple to complex processes


Building Your Team To Tackle Your Unstructured Data Now

harmeen mehta

Bob Kurpershoek

ir. Innovations & Strategic Initiatives, NBCUniversal Media

  • Realizing the actual dark/unstructured data itself
  • Actually finding AI talent (which is difficult)
  • Showing the art of the possible or demonstrating value to the enterprise
  • Proving an environment that is adaptable to change

Process Mining & RPA – How the Intelligent Business Cloud enables business transformation

harmeen mehta

Anthony Deighton

CMO, Celonis

RPA isn’t always straight forward. Lack of clear processes, poor visibility and confusion over where automation potential lies, can cause bottlenecks and slow-down even the most enthusiastic project team. Advanced organizations such as Siemens, Vodafone or Merck are combining RPA with the Intelligent Business Cloud to identify opportunities for automation, check process conformity and benchmark internally. All this helps ease implementation and demonstrate the value of your digital transformation project in clear metrics and cost savings. This session discusses how you can transform the way you operate to enhance process performance, mobilize internal stakeholders and save significant time and money.


People Problems: Sourcing AI Talent, Creating Team Structures And Establishing An AI Culture

harmeen mehta

Ali Khaled Alhashmi

SVP and Head of HR and Centre of Excellence Group, Union National Bank

  • Overcoming scarcity of technical talent – how to close the gaps
  • Reviewing the impact of AI on current employees
  • Tackling the fear of the unknown
  • Questions to ask to identify if a job will be taken over by machines

Scaling Automation Through "Agile-Outsourcing"

harmeen mehta

Marcin Nowakowski

Change Management Lead, BNP Paribas

  • Understanding the overall impact of automation on our organizations
  • Honest conversation about losing/gaining jobs
  • Zeroing in on a precise focus on change management
  • Grappling with the need for specific up-skilled digital transformation talent
  • Realizing the future of the industry