"AI is an extension of human potential": Q&A with global futurologist Aric Dromi

Megan Wright

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Technology is a blessing and a curse—depending on how we think about it and what we do about it

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“I don’t want to make smart things—I want to make things that are smarter than they are today.”

This is Aric Dromi’s guiding message—and one that continues to drive him forward as a global innovator and agitator in a world where he says, not enough leaders understand the challenge we’re up against when it comes to AI.

What started as a childhood fascination with science fiction has grown into something the self-confessed “professional troublemaker” describes as feeling “detached from physical reality, imagining the impossible much more often that I did as a kid”.

A true philosopher, Dromi now works as in-house futurologist at Volvo—an automotive brand that’s known for taking the bull by the horns when it comes to innovative technology.

In addition, he sits on the advisory boards for the AIIA Network and NTT Innovation Institute, supports the UNLEASH innovation team and runs his own company, TEMPUS MOTU—a social and technology strategic think-tank.

In the lead up to AI LIVE: The Future of Enterprise, we sat down with Dromi to find out where his love of AI comes from, how we can harness its potential for good, and why we aren’t quite ready for the onset of AI. Download the interview to find out more. 

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