Intelligent chatbots: How AI Is revolutionising contact centers

Sumit Dutta

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Widely employed as a cost-effective solution to many of the inherent problems of customer service apps and phone-based customer service operators, AI and Chatbots have rapidly increased in popularity to the point where they are now a potential  threat to call-centre operative jobs in outsourcing strongholds such as the Philippines.

By using scripts or limited AI to address basic customer services queries, chatbots can now be used to satisfy an increasingly wider range of customer needs: from online shopping and ordering take-away food, to resolving customer service issues and providing relevant service provider information.

The rise in popularity of this innovative technological approach can be  readily  understood  by  looking  at  the  example  of  Facebook  Messenger:  where  up  to  30,000 chatbots now service its 900 million monthly users.

While  many  call  centre  operatives,  particularly  in  the  Philippines,  see  AI  and  chatbot  technologies as direct rivals for their business, in actual fact they represent an invaluable opportunity to deliver an improved customer experience at a lower operational cost.

As we carefully consider the benefits and restrictions of using AI and chatbots, while debunking some  of  the  myths  surrounding  them,  we  hope  to  help  you  discover  the  most  effective  integration strategies as we discuss how the Filipino contact centre industry might change in the face of this new technological approach.

In this report, we examined: 

  • Benefits of AI Integration
  • AI Limitations
  • Debunking the Myths
  • The Key to Proper Integration
  • Recent AI Integration Success Stories

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