Sponsor 'AI 2020: The Global State of Intelligent Enterprise'

Megan Wright

The AIIA Network has undertaken a market-wide survey on the business implementation and impact of AI and intelligent enterprise technologies

AI2020 cover

The 'AI 2020: The Future of Intelligent Enterprise' report aims to provide a benchmark on the immediate opportunities, challenges and trends that AI and intelligent enterprise (IE) solutions will have across industries in the coming two years. 

Based on a deep dive survey undertaken by more than 430 industry experts and senior executives from across sectors including oil & gas, customer experience, pharma and defense, this report looks at: 

  • The current state of enterprise intelligence across industries 
  • Barriers to AI implementation 
  • Investment trends for IE technologies 
  • The impact of AI on various sectors of the workforce 
  • Current and future business readiness for IE 

Download a complimentary copy of the report below.*

The AIIA Network is currently seeking sponsors interested in aligning their messaging to the AI 2020 report findings and analysis. For more information, please contact Jon Hollis: jonathan.hollis@aiia.net 

*Please note: This report is currently available for exclusive early access only and not suitable for redistribution.