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Intelligent Automation New Orleans speaker, Veer G. Chockalingam, SWBC's VP, Strategic Vendor Management, walks us through some of the common mistakes people make when implementing RPA...Full Article »
Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation Network is the online portal from IQPC Digital focused on building the intelligent enterprise....Full Article »
New report finds the struggle to keep pace with innovation could mean a new era of disruption and opportunity for defence industry...Full Article »
From assigning change champions to communicating governance structures, these are the seven steps critical to automation success...Full Article »
Analizo launches Europe’s first algorithm-as-a-service, bringing quantitative investing technology to asset managers and private banks. With 9 out of 10 actively managed funds in Europe missing their benchmarks, Analizo is stepping in to provide theoretical outperformance by a wide margin....Full Article »
The prolific uptake of instant messaging holds widespread promise for enterprises that embrace chatbots, according to new research...Full Article »
Consumer behaviors and expectations are shifting in ways that are forcing banks to both redefine their priorities and transform their distribution models. To help map and describe these changes, Accenture’s 2017 Financial Services Global Distribution...Full Article »
PEX Network’s future of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence bench marking report will provide you with an assessment of the key priorities and areas of investment....Full Article »
Aside from cryptocurrency companies – like Bitcoin – technological improvements have been incremental rather than radical. The physical bank remains antiquated, built on an infrastructure that almost goads new institutions to challenge the status-quo. In this report learn more about the future of RPA in banking and financial services...Full Article »
Find out how NVIDIA’s supercomputer “brain” for autonomous cars, which accepts all of the automobile’s sensory inputs and makes sense of them. We demonstrate how NVIDIA’s hardware can tell the difference between trucks, cars, police vehicles, ambulances and so forth....Full Article »
26 results
of 3