Sumit Dutta

Sumit Dutta contributes to AIIA on machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is the Head of Digital Marketing for IQPC Digital's online B2B communites. Since 2010, Sumit has launched, established and managed the, Pharma IQ, Cold Chain IQ, Energy IQ and Oil & Gas IQ sites and communities.

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The upcoming AIIA Network report on banking and finance, will chart the rapid impact of artificial intelligence on banking, financial services and insurance and what effect it could have on customer engagement, efficiency and cost reduction. In this infographic get a quick overview of what themes the report will explore....Full Article »
In this interview, Pedro Suja, Head of Artificial Intelligence Technologies BBVA, shares his insights from the company's intelligent automation journey so far, and discusses how AI is playing a key part of their IT infrastructure....Full Article »
Advanced-driver assistance technologies such as automate lighting and adaptive cruise control have been around for years. But Håkan Sivencrona, the Functional Safety Manager / Lead System Engineer at Delphi, isn’t looking behind him. He’s looking at what technologies are making their way into the autonomous vehicle of tomorrow....Full Article »
Autonomous cars have gone from concept to possibility in the last few years, and the companies innovating in the field are dealing with increasingly complex challenges in order to make the leap from possibility to reality. Frederik Diederichs, Human-Factors Engineering at Fraunhofer IAO, speaks about the opportunities and possibilities ahead....Full Article »
The foundations of autonomous cars has been laid, and "this development phase can be considered the natural preliminary stage of autonomous driving." Torben Pawellek of TU Braunshweig discusses C2X, the challenges facing innovative assistance functions, and the opportunities....Full Article »
Vehicles must not only be efficient, fast, comfortable – and in this industry, smarter than humans – they must also be reliable. Noah Lassar, Manager of Reliability Engineering at Google / Waymo, is responsible for ensuring that the electrical components of the car keep working. One might say it’s his job to stress out the smart car in the lab –...Full Article »
Cem Saraydar is the Director of the Electrical and Control Systems Research Lab for General Motors. He talks with John McElroy about the company’s Super Cruise feature, which will debut on the 2017 Cadillac CT6 flagship sedan and how drivers will not have to keep their hands on the steering wheel while driving autonomously....Full Article »
Richard Wallace is the Director of Transportation Systems Analysis at the Center for Automotive Research. He talks with John McElroy about when autonomous cars will be available to real consumers and what they will cost. Wallace asks: what premium would you pay for a car that can never crash?...Full Article »
And as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) builds momentum across markets and businesses globally, companies are beginning to realise the wealth of opportunities and benefits it can provide. For early adopters – like Microsoft, Lego, Virgin Atlantic and Walt Disney – the main attraction of IIOT is operational efficiency. With this in mind, we...Full Article »
It’s unquestionable that the future of healthcare lies in digitisation – with artificial intelligence, data capture and analytics playing an integral role in healthcare service delivery. In this interview Alexius Julian shares details of his successful EMR project delivery journey including their successful stakeholder engagement process and...Full Article »
13 results
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