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Seth Adler

HR and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined. That’s great news for employers and employees alike. The transition into these new opportunities doesn’t have to be difficult. We have gathered the summer’s top articles and free on-demand webinars in HR tech.



Siemens Learning Leader: Leverage Technology to Drive the Future of Learning
In a world where learning technology is exploding and new apps and solutions are launched daily the future of learning is evolving faster than ever.

During IQPC’s CLO Exchange, HR Exchange Network editor Mason Stevenson had an opportunity to sit down with Head of Learning Technology at Americas at Siemens, Casper Moerk.


Allegion CHRO: HR Technology Journey

Where HR technology is concerned, there is no doubt human resources is and has been on a journey.  HR is becoming increasingly more automated.  Employees are using technology to personalize their work experiences.  And data…

Allegion Chief Human Resources Officer and HR Exchange Network Advisory Board member Shelley Meador says her company is on a journey of its own.  HR Exchange Network Editor Mason Stevenson sat down with Meador recently to discuss the topic in more detail.


Top 10 Learning Technologies

The HR Exchange Network shares this informative infographic of the top three technologies chief learning officers are investing and what technologies are getting more attention from learning and development professionals.


Blockchain Realities in Recruitment

More than likely the word blockchain conjures up thoughts of cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin.  While that would be an appropriate thought, blockchain technology represents more to the HR professional than a way to track monetary changes online.  It represents a new tool in their recruiting arsenal.


HR News: Machine Learning Can Reduce Turnover
Every HR professional is trying to figure out how to stop turnover.  At the same time, they are working on ways to predict which employees are preparing to leave the company and find a way to intervene before it actually happens.


Top 9 Quotes: HR Tech Online Summit

9 Thought leaders present during the HR Exchange Network’s premier online North American event.




Cultivating a Culture-Based R&R Program through Technology

Recognition and rewards programs are a crucial piece to most employee engagement strategies, but what about culture? Ensuring a link between the two isn’t always easy. The chief issue is finding a way to translate it at the individual level and intertwine it with the day-to-day activities of each team member. That very conundrum faced HR professionals at Parkland Health and Hospital System not too long ago. Chief Experience Officer Vishal Bhalla shares how Parkland’s Engagement Taskforce Subcommittee created and is implementing their mobile technology solution to solve this challenge.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what ingredients make for an engaging sustainable R&R program recipe.
  • How Parkland piloted the solution and facilitated team member engagement to build the program.
  • How Parkland is leveraging technology to reinforce positive behaviors that emulate their core values.


Using the Power of People Analytics

HR continues more data-focused than ever before and it’s even using it to drive decision making. In fact, 84% of executives consider people analytics to be a high priority for their organizations. That’s according to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report. That wasn’t always true. In the past, many companies weren’t sure how to gain actionable insights that would actually drive performance. Consider that only 24% and 32% of companies in 2015 and 2016, respectively, felt ready or somewhat ready for analytics.

In this case-study driven session find out how companies are using the power of people analytics to drive everything from talent acquisition to retention.


Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Employee Turnover

In their latest whitepaper, Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Employee Turnover, Culture Amp explains how to find the high risk groups in an organisation that are most likely to leave.  It’s based off data collected from thousands of companies around the world. Furthermore, the resource shares why it’s important for organisations to know this, the reasons why it’s happening and how to take immediate action to improve retention. 

Key takeaways include:

  • How to be more strategic with your people data
  • How to predict employee turnover to improve retention
  • How to uncover cost savings with an easy-to-use tool


Data for Dummies: How to Apply Data to Learning

Through this webinar, Degreed data scientist Marissa Saunders will help you understand the connection between data and learning, including important learning analytics to look for and how to draw insights from data sets.