AiiA's September roundup on: Your People

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Seth Adler

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Evolving technology allows for HR and corporate learning to remain relevant and effective. Our September roundup touches on data & analytics, AI, and how to prepare the workforce for the future.


AI in HR

Artificial intelligence is pushing humans and machines closer together.  It’s exciting!  AI’s influences are being felt across the HR space… being used to automate business processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce bias among other things.  More specifically, this article touches on:

  • AI as a tool
  • Reducing human bias
  • AI automation
  • Recruiting through AI
  • Retention
  • How AI makes HR more human


Learning Analytics in Action

This interview with Trevor walker, VP of organizational L&D at ascension, talks about how training teams can take their data from volume to value to show the impact of leadership development on business outcomes.


Applying Design Thinking to L&D in a Digitally Savvy Workforce

This Q&A with Rachel Horwitz, former Global L&D Director for Mars University at Mars Inc., gives us an inside look into the challenges her team faced with design thinking, how they overcame (and embraced) change and her thoughts on the future on L&D.


Analytics that Transform Learning Programs

Data is a powerful tool.  If used properly, it can render great success.  Such is the reality with learning programs.  As we progress into the future with more and more technology, an abundance of data will be created and collected.  In the case of data as it relations to learning programs, it can be used to ensure the choices made will truly support the workers and the business.


How to Become a Data-Driven Organization [Whitepaper]

This whitepaper explores the various data roles inside data-driven organizations, the secrets to unlocking data-driven organization, and much more and it does so with support from Burning Glass, Forrester, and Gartner research.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the analytics process, the various data roles inside an organization, and how those roles drive business impact
  • Unlocking data-driven innovation inside your organization
  • Developing a sustained approach to learning inside your organization


Building a Culture of Learning in The Digital Age [Webinar]

Rose Sheldon, Director of Enterprise Learning for Allstate discusses how technology can support a learning culture by putting employees’ needs at the center of learning technology designs in this free on-demand webinar.


Equipping Employees with the Necessary Skills for the Future of Work [Webinar]

Automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning are transforming the way people work. In fact, the World Economic Forum refers to this as the 4th Industrial Revolution. To quote the WEF, the revolution is “a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres.” Because these technologies are changing the way we work, the McKinsey Global Institute says 375 million people globally will need to change occupations by 2030 just to keep up. So how do we prepare for the future of work? In this session, learn:

  • How to identify the roles needed in the next three, five and ten years
  • The skills those new roles will need
  • Reskilling the current workforce to prepare for the shift to these new skills and roles