[WATCH] How BPO talent informs the AI jobs you need to fill

Talent w/Delphine Bernard, Uber: BPO Talent

Seth Adler

Delphine Bernard discusses how business process outsourcing (BPO) talent leads to the AI jobs you need to fill in this episode of “Talent.”

  1. Bernard opens by discussing the various places to seek talent and how a company’s strategy dictates which source is best.
  2. She exemplifies Uber, where she is the global head of finance operations, as a use case.
  3. Cost reduction is commonly cited as a reason to leverage BPO, but Bernard argues that rapid scaling is where the power in BPO truly lies.
  4. As the digital workforce grows, its impact on BPO is worth noting. It makes sense that the processes we outsource are also the processes most likely to be digitized. Partnering with a BPO who excels in automation is the best of both worlds.
  5. Bernard closes with an observation on industry at large. She notes that change management is the driving force behind digitization and BPO. Without it, companies run the risk of standing still.

Listen to Delphine Bernard talk in depth about Uber’s BPO strategy and how other companies can grow using a similar model.