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Pearls of wisdom from Episodes 116-120 of the AI & Intelligent Automation Network podcast

Seth Adler

The Pearls of wisdom from Episodes 116-120 of the AI & Intelligent Automation Network podcast included Fully scaled end-to-end digital transformation; Profitable automation proliferation; Digital transformation leads to geographic leadership; Buy, build or grow your intelligent automation talent and Being blind to bias:

Fully scaled end-to-end digital transformation

Ep. 116: Vartul Mittal

"Most of the people who have been on the journey of automation, they have learned this, and they've realized this, that it's not only the intelligent automation of RPA. It is more about in digital automation, where we integrate multiple technologies together to get the final solution."

Vartul notes that rules-based automation is only one piece of your global fully scaled end-to-end digital transformation journey. RPA is only step one. 


Profitable automation proliferation

Ep. 117: Alexander Hubel, Ericsson

"We've been working a lot with change management and communications to create automation communities throughout business units and group functions. From the automation communities we created something we call the automation tribe which is comprised of key decision makers."

Alexander goes on to say that these terms don't equate to a CoE as much as they do a cultural steering committee. His team has engagement leadswho are working more from a business transformation perspective with IT and the communities and tribes to ensure automation profitably proliferates the enterprise.


Digital transformation leads to geographic leadership

Ep. 118: Brian Mikkelsen, Denmark

"The launch of the Digital Growth Strategy for Denmark has kept Denmark’s economy competitive. Training the workforce of tomorrow through a focus on STEM education affords Denmark the opportunity to grow its economy locally. The government has established a digital hub, where small companies can have knowledge about AI, big data, and other new tech for free."

Denmark is on a digital transformation journey of it's own. Federal governments in general are further diving into next generation technologies as a way to attract job creation to their respective geographies. 


Buy, build or grow your AI talent

Ep. 119: Henrik Hanasand, Norway

"After relying too heavily on consultants, we decided to search internally for talent. It worked. Our new approach to a holistic IT solution has given us the flexibility to look at AI more broadly and futureproof their organization."

As noted in our respective ML Report and Preditive Analytics Report- you can buy, build or grow your talent. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach. 

Blind to bias

Ep. 120: Jack Cheng, NIO

"We see the vehicle as a play form, beyond transportation which affects the way we think about the services we render. We have the face of Germany, the mind of Silicon Valley, the heart and soul of China. Germany, an automotive hub. Silicon Valley is a technology hub. China is the future of the world. We're moving with a speed of 24/7. The next generation wants the response immediately rather than wait. So that's something that we can provide to our user with a more joyful lifestyle."

Jack is speaking to a next generation consumer. Ownership isn't as important as experience. Insights must be blind to bias.