Digital Workforce vs. Carbon-Based Talent [VIDEO]

Talent with Delphine Bernard

Seth Adler

Delphine Bernard shares 7 key takeaways around managing your digital workforce like you manage your carbon-based talent.

7 Key Takeaways from the video

  1. It's very important to consider your digital workforce as much as you consider your carbon-based talent.
  2. Have a clear plan for the digital workforce process tasks
  3. Account for the 24/7 nature of digital workforce when measuring process FTE
  4. Analyze KPIs and perform digital workforce performance reviews as you would with carbon-based talent.
  5. Pre-plan maintenance for your digital workforce as you pre-plan PTOs for your carbon-based workforce which includes the plan for when a bot is ‘out sick.’
  6. Manage your attended and unattended digital workforce as you manage your on-premises and outsourced carbon-based talent respectively
  7. Carbon-based talent inherently works towards ROI. Bots need consistent maintenance, planning, controls and review to ensure they remain in-line to deliver ROI.