Your digital environment [VIDEO]

Future of Work w/Max Just: Your digital environment

Maximiliano Just

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Max Just talks us through digital environments in this installation of Future of Work.

  1. Discussing the importance of improving the employee experience with a focus on people “inside the tent.”
  2. Gathering that HR and procurement services aren’t enough to satisfy today’s employee. Instead, employees expect a seamless digital experience more on par to the one they experience in their day-to-day dealings.
  3. Meeting employee expectations in order to increase engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.
  4. Understanding that if a company feels archaic to an employee, they are less likely to feel like they belong.
  5. Investing in automation weeds out the tedious tasks today’s employees are less willing to engage in.
  6. Focusing on two future trends he is noticing: internal digital assistants and collaboration tools.
  7. Realizing an employee’s skills must be matched to their tasks and projects.

Listen to Max elaborate on the points above and give actionable advice in the full interview below.