Hard $ Benefits: Measuring AI’s Effect on the Enterprise

Why focusing on data governance is the tip of your AI spear

Seth Adler

An AI LIVE Global On-Demand session

Kshira Saagar, Head of Analytics and Data Science, The Iconic joins us to share what you can do with your data now to soon achieve AI success.

Top Key Takeaways:

  1. The only way we can measure how this is truly working is by looking at it through a dataset, skillset, and a mindset approach.
  2. We've built a distributed feature library where, instead of having customer information normalized in a million tables, we just have feature libraries.
  3. Single Unified Reporting Entity (SURE) is an all-in-one dashtool. We built it in-house and we have our own tools, our own dashboards, we don't buy commercial dashboarding software, we build our own.
  4. We let people fail with choices, because we're a federal republic, we have enough support for people to play with data choices and make mistakes, rather than conforming to a universal standard and just doing same thing, day in and day out.
  5. Clear data governance policy helps alleviate concerns on data sources and inputs. Everything is quite transparent.

How to access the sessions:

  1. Follow this link: https://ai-live-global.aiia.net/
  2. Click 'Login' or ‘Access online event’ on the top right of your screen
  3. Select 'Enter here for Presentations' and choose your on-demand sessions