How to Build your Automation Center of Excellence (CoE)

A Data-Driven Formula for Success

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Seth Adler

Your Automation CoE

Experts from Forrester, Accenture and Sempra Utilities discuss best practices for embedding intelligent automation technologies deeply and effectively within your organization. Learn how to build an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) so you can operationalize your automation and digital strategies and scale for success.

Speed to value

With the rapid pace of business disruption, speed to value is key. Organizations that establish an Automation Center of Excellence are able to more effectively leverage their automation investments, moving from distributed organizations that individually own technologies and tooling to one vertical center that is capable of providing automation solutions across the enterprise. The results are transformative and allow for a stronger emphasis on innovation.

Successful outcomes

Join Gabe Mika, manager of digital innovation and strategy at Sempra Utilities, Cheryl Linder, principal director at Accenture, and special guest moderator Rob Koplowitz, principal analyst at Forrester Research for an interactive discussion about how Sempra approached their CoE to ensure successful outcomes enterprise-wide.

Walk away with:

  • Methodologies for evaluating and prioritizing projects—what should and shouldn’t be automated, with which technologies—and why
  • Strategies for reporting and measuring outcomes
  • A framework for instituting and delivering a successful automation CoE, including a roadmap for incorporating future automation investments

At least three key reasons to view:

  1. Understand how to evaluate what projects should and shouldn’t be automated - and why.
  2. Assess the value opportunities for implementing a center of excellence and the risks associated with maintaining the status quo.
  3. Define what approach Sempra took to develop their center of excellence and why.

Understand what bottom-line results have been achieved by launching the Sempra COE.

During this webcast, you’ll learn how developing a Center of Excellence will help drive governance enterprise-wide and drive more visibility into areas that can be automated to free up employees to focus on higher value activities.

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