What you need to do now to gain insights from predictive analytics

System integration w/Bob Kurpershoek

Seth Adler

Bob points out that ensuring that your ERP is able to keep pace with change is paramount. Only then can you have better analytics.

Ask yourself, "Where do you want to compete in 10 years?" There is so much data available in large companies so answering that question starts with reverse engineering. Determine exactly what kind of data is required for your future digital enterprise, where it is currently located and reverse engineer to ensure that you have the data sets available to you.

For predictive analytics most models are still being run outside of enterprise systems at the moment but integrating those models into enterprise systems is the goal. Integrating external data sets and internal datasets and using algorithms to execute or create several scenarios all starts with your data. So we're still grabbing all of these data sets together, to create one- let's say- big data lake.

Data is everything. Your AI, or machine learning, or robotics is as good as your data.