A blended 360° view of your data showing both relationship and transactional detail

Combine contextual cross-domain relationships with detail from transactional systems.

Seth Adler

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Everyone in the data management space is talking about “360° views,” but what does that actually mean?

While the concept is pretty straightforward: a holistic view of your information, not everyone is using the same vernacular. Some focus more on relationships in the master data, others on transactional details. 

Read this solution brief to see gain insight from not just the contextual cross-domain relationships but also detail from transactional systems. Find out how to use this blended 360-degree view for analyses that take into account aligned dimensions and transactions over time.

A blended 360° view of aligned dimentions and transactions over time

In master data management (MDM), 360° views are limited to master and reference data relationships. Many customers, when describing their ideal 360° views, wish to have not just the contextual cross-domain relationships, but also detail from transactional systems. And, we know why- in a dataset, a blended 360° view is useful for analyses that need to take into account the aligned dimensions and transactions over time.

Walk away with multiple 360° benefits:

  • Create complete 360° views of nearly any business entity(customer, product, location, supplier, account, etc) with the same capabilities.
  • Create 360° views that combine golden records for consistency with transactional data for additional context
  • Create multiple 360° views as opposed to buying different solutions for each business domain


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