More is less, customer-centrifugal-force and realizing your artificial intelligence future [AUDIO]

Pearls of wisdom from Episodes 91-95 of the AI & Intelligent Automation Nework podcast

Seth Adler

The Pearls of Wisdom from Episodes 91-95 include more is less, customer-centrifugal-force, deliberate graceful change, digital transformation and realizing your artificial intelligence future:

More is less

Episode 91: Bob Kupershoek

"Innovation is actually going to be very important for us in the future and I think that technology, finance, IT is growing closer and closer together in the end. We're expected to do more with less amount of people, we must be more effective and to be able to achieve that- you probably need technology to help you out there."

More is less, but yes- less is more. Once we have more technology operating on a given task, we need fewer resources on that task. That said, fewer resources with new technology provides the opportunity for more total value from that task. And that doesn't take into account the additional value from the tasks that benefit from the resources once attached to that initial task.



Episode 92: Ali Bouhouch

"The team understands that technology is a key component of the equation and they understand that we can only succeed when we keep the customer at the center of all the things we do; everything from the technologies we select to how we design and how we deliver those solutions.

Improving delivery to customers is something anyone in the enterprise can get behind as long as they understand their new role in ensuring that happens. We're automating tasks not jobs. If those tasks serve the customer better and the human doesn't have to worry about their job, change has been managed and the culture remains positive.


Deliberate graceful change

Episode 93: Derek Reisinger

"You've got to learn and acknowledge the good work the people have been doing and then start slowly moving forward. That journey requires investment of time."

Go fast and break things works for some. Derek offers an alternative path. Be appreciative of your team's work. Communicate your appreciation. Discuss what they've done that they should keep doing. And explain what's next for them and the enterprise (in that order) with automation.


Digital transformation

Episode 94: Nadia de Villa

"The way customers interact with a company has changed, and therefore, we need to be there and think differently and think beyond our financial services walls. So in terms of digital transformation, what that means to us, it's truly interacting with our customers through any digital channel they choose."

This one is pretty straigthforward. Start with the customer. Work backwards.


Realize your artificial intelligence future

Episode 95: Viral Chhaya

"The one interesting new thing we are doing is, we do callbacks not only for our detractors, low scores, we also do callbacks for our promoters. To also try and understand what is it that we are doing right, because as an organization we believe in the philosophy of strength finders, and therefore we want to capitalize on them and do more of it. The hope is when we do that, we'll eliminate some detractors."

If you've chosen to evaluate your ROI on intelligent automation through net promoter score, Viral provides a great idea for new tasks  for upskilled/reskilled humans who's old tasks have been automated. Rather than spend 100% or your time on understanding the past, spend some of that time realizing your artificial intelligence future.