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Seth Adler

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AI in Life Sciences offers exciting potential for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and perhaps even cure for disease.  Custom, targeted treatment plans are easier to draw up with AI, as no patient data falls through the cracks.

AI is also the future of discovery regarding the intricacies of the human body and the diseases it’s prone to. The ability for AI to process vast amounts of data faster than a team of data scientists and doctors means that human talent can be funneled into the invention of new pharmaceuticals and therapies at a lower cost and shorter time-to-market than ever before.

The AI & Intelligent Automation Network’s 12th digital event and 1st Life Sciences installation marks an opportunity to come together with your corporate enterprise practitioner peers to discuss best practice in scaling your digital workforce across your global enterprise.

Register now to join your global corporate enterprise peers.

Life Sciences

At least 4 reasons to corporate enterprise practitioners are joining us: 

  1. Benchmark your enterprise against industry leaders

  2. Pick up first quarter lessons learned for your remaining 2020 strategy
  3. Realize what you might be doing wrong through best practice case studies
  4. Focus your energy on what you might be doing right through best practice use cases 

Key Themes:

  • Evolution from Early RDA to Full-Scale Attended Automation
  • Selecting the Correct Attended Automation Solution for Your Enterprise
  • Learning from Attended Automation Scalability Fails
  • Easing Your Attended Automation Deployment Through Managing Culture

What to expect:

  • Deep learning in diagnostics
  • AI for preventative disease management 
  • NLP for clinical trial recruitment
  • ML informed wearables for patient monitoring
  • Offering regulatory transparency to your automation

Who’s attending?

  • CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s 
  • EVP, SVP, Head, Director’s of Strategy
  • EVP, SVP, Head, Director’s of Innovation 
  • EVP, SVP, Head’s, Director’s of Transformation 
  • EVP, SVP, Head, Director’s of IT 
  • Global enterprise AI & IA practitioners 
  • Providers of AI & IA solutions/services

Register now to join your global corporate enterprise peers.