AI mission, vision, value, connection...and even sound

Intelligent Automation Week: London, 26-27 Nov, 2019

Seth Adler

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Intelligent Automation Week returns to Twickenham Stadium with new objectives on the agenda. AI mission, vision, values, connections...and even sounds are all being discussed in London.

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Here are three particular sessions of interest:

AI Mission, Vision & Values

It turns out, artificial intelligence has staying power. We know this because for global corporate enterprise- it isn't really even here yet, but we've been discussing it in the present for a couple of years. 

And so, now is the time to establish your AI mission, vision and values. Richard Benjamins discusses starting with being trustworthy and responsible. Here's to a healthy start.

How to Deliver trustworthy and responsible AI for your business

Richard Benjamins - Data & AI Ambassador, Telefonica
·         Define your AI Principles (fairness, explainability, transparency, privacy, security, human-centric)
·         Create a governance model that incorporates AI ethics into your existing business principles
·         Create awareness and provide training
·         Provide tools for your employees
·         Engage your AI providers 

AI connecting farm to table

AI has an opportunity to not only give us what we want as consumers but make us healthier along the way. TheAnne Marie Neatham discusses the current retail experience, how personalization can play into the customer experience and the ways in which the supply chain can be more clearly visible from farmer to consumer. 

Disruptive Robotics and AI: Beyond the Future of Online Grocery Retail

Anne Marie Neatham - Chief Operating Officer, Ocado Technology

The sound of AI

Ray Kurzweil put forward music created by a computur in 1965. In 1966, Perry & Kingsley's 1966 The In Sound from Way Out was the first commercial LP of electronic music and 1992 Warp Records put out Aritificial Intelligence (which was simply electronic music). But artificial intelligence is now creating music on it's own...and that has business implications. We'll talk about Kraftwerk's Autobaun another time.

If AI can transform music, how will it change your business?

Joe Lyske - Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, MXX
When you think of great song writing teams, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards might come to mind, maybe even John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but what about music and artificial intelligence?
MXX is empowering musicians and businesses through AI, making large-scale industry and business revolution a reality.
·         AI to replace us and AI to empower us: the two types of AI in business
·         Serving customers on demand through AI: for MXX that’s instantly editing media and music
·         Creating and utilising metadata to predict human behaviour, impulses and thoughts for business
·         Treading the ethical line in AI for business