AiiA November roundup on: GBS

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Seth Adler

As 2019 is wrapping up, November’s roundup on GBS has its eyes on the future. To keep you up to date, we’ve gathered our favorite GBS expert resources.


Don’t Sleep through the Digital Opportunity

Digitalization challenges us all. Those who sleep through it may miss out on opportunities, however. Digital transformation has 5 positive effects on the services industry: Read this article to learn about how you can:

  1. Ensure your success
  2. Exploit synergies
  3. You can concentrate on your core business
  4. create long-term benefits and transparency for your customers
  5. make your employees fit for the future


[REPORT] What’s now and next for Finance and Procurement

This 2019 report, carried out by The Economist Intelligent Unit, surveyed over 400 senior contacts within Finance and Procurement to find out what they thought were the key and current trends happening in their industry that they should prepare for. Key findings include:

  • Expectation that automation would be the driver to free up time required to adapt and play a role more focused on strategic initiatives
  • Automation of payments, procurement processes and supply chain management will supersede AI as having the greatest impact on an organization.
  • Just over 60% of respondents believe that their finance and procurement functions are prepared for the impacts of digitisation within the next 18 months
  • Almost 25% of respondents cited post-Brexit trade negotiations and US/China relations as the trend expected to have the greatest impact within the next two years.


[WEBINAR] Better Processes are Better for Everyone

Every organization has broken and manual processes throughout the organization and often fail to realize what automation could do for them. Collecting information onto paper or in excel and passing that around through email makes things complicated. Documents get lost, the right person isn’t CC’ed or the work just plain gets forgotten about. These are manual processes businesses still face that when automated could be fixed.

Watch this on-demand webinar so see the discussion on the pain points of manual tasks and how quickly and easily we can overcome them. The process of automating that even works for legacy systems. From this session you will learn how to automate repetitive tasks and bridge the gap between cloud and desktop. You name it, it can be automated.

To achieve better processes for everyone we will explore:

  • Pain points of manual processes
  • What kind of processes can be automated
  • How to implement change


Driving the Future of Work in the Financial Services Industry

Now more than ever, the financial services industry is facing significant challenges due to strict regulatory and compliance requirements, skills shortages, and mounting competitive pressure to bring innovative solutions to market, while increasing productivity and reducing administrative costs.

Learn how Blue Prism’s Connected-RPA empowers enterprise leaders to securely achieve greater productivity through automation and integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance customer service, drive out waste and generate more revenue.

Join the upcoming Blue Prism webinar which focuses on Driving the Future of Work in the Financial Services Industry.

Why watch this on-demand this webinar?

  • Learn how Connected-RPA automates tasks to provide more flexible and faster service delivery while increasing customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Discover how The Vanguard Group brought together their IT and business teams to digitally transform their organization and deliver maximum ROI.
  • Gain insight on how Blue Prism’s Connected RPA enriches the collaboration between digital and human workers, enabling new service offerings and solutions.


[REPORT] SSON Intelligent Automation Global Market Report 2019 (H2)

Today the drive to add intelligence to automation requires intelligent process orchestration and the ability to use highly advanced intelligent services in the cloud – services like OCR, OIR, NLP, and NLG.

The key to intelligent orchestration and decision-making lies in Machine Learning.

Success, however, depends on the ability to tap vast quantities of unstructured data that contain the content and the context of the work to be done.

This 6th in a series of SSON IA reports is really about the challenge of intelligence and the strategies that deliver truly intelligent automation. Download it now.


Intelligent automation - a game-changer for outsourcing in Industry 4.0

With the rise of smart robots, artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics and cloud computing, the business landscape is now digitally-connected and insight-driven. Software bots have revolutionised service delivery and are outperforming human labour in measures of speed and accuracy.

The inability of providers to offer an attractive value proposition beyond the cost-labour arbitrage has resulted in unhappy partnerships where customers are losing patience. Currently, customers have shared that their outsourcing relationships are increasingly characterised by a lack of innovation, customer-centricity and cultural engagement (Enlighten and SSON, 2018). To stay relevant in the age of digitalisation, providers need to revitalise their business model - pronto.

This article gets granular on survey results found across industries on how outsourcing is currently utilized and where it is headed in the future.