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Seth Adler

This month’s customer-centric roundup includes reports, whitepapers, and articles that cover everything from AI, big data, and use cases from today’s largest enterprises.



Bias Becoming Latest Trend In AI

AI generated algorithms are like puppies. Just like a newborn pit bull, an algorithm inherits influences. Also like a newborn pit bull; an AI-generated algorithm acquires and learns influences over time that dictates its behavior. A puppy, similar to a new machine-learning software operated by AI (a chatbot, for example), can either be an enjoyable thing to have, or a liability, depending upon how its nurtured. This article examines three high-profile cases of bias.


Is Surveillance Technology Emerging as a New Customer Service Trend?

When it comes to dining or shopping services, efficiency and assistance are key for quality customer service. However, whether it’s machine learning surveillance or six Yamato ladies staring at you taking a sip of water, there is an art to balancing efficiency into the experience design. This article looks at how Outback Steakhouse and Walmart does just that. It also touches on balancing personalization and tech trends.


3 Reasons Media Companies Need to Focus More on “Intelligent CX” in the Future

The term “intelligent CX” has been given a few different definitions as the topic becomes increasingly relevant, but it can best be summarized as the interconnected and data-driven journey between consumer-focused marketing, sales, and customer support. This article talks about three things to consider when implementing Intelligent CX:

  • The Netflix effect
  • Speed
  • More than just the numbers


How Does Google Market Google? By Putting Customer Data at the Forefront

The masses of data Google collects from user behavior on its web and mobile properties is used not only to inform its own ad campaigns but is sold to third-party advertisers. In fact, Google runs one of the largest Voice of Customer programs in existence – absolutely everything it does is centered around the user. Learn how Google uses customer data on a global scale.


4 Companies Using Machine Learning to Keep a Close Eye On Employees

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to keep a close eye on employees can help organizations monitor employee performance metrics and increase efficiency. But when predictive analytics, AI based algorithms, and even surveillance cameras are recording employees’ every move, it can begin to feel invasive. The companies discussed in this article are:

  • Microsoft
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Domino’s


4 Innovative Ways Prudential Uses Big Data to be Customer-Centric

In August, Prudential, one of the world’s largest life insurers, announced a major restructuring of its marketing organization that would allow it to harness consumer data insights through agile marketing – combining technology, data and AI to deliver personalized experiences that promote the adoption of financial wellness solutions. Read this article to see how Prudential:

  • Provides customers with a self-guided platform to set their own financial goals
  • Eliminates customer pain in a naturally unpleasant experience
  • Educates the consumer on financial wellness by understanding their knowledge gaps
  • Builds an agile marketing organization


Nike's Top 3 Priorities for the Digital Customer Experience

As Nike and other retailers explore ways to blend ecommerce and physical retail, Rodgers discussed the top three priorities for Nike’s digital customer experience at CCW Austin. Those priorities are:

  • Building relationships with customers through mobile apps
  • Ensuring career progression for agents, AKA "athletes"
  • Implementing retail innovations guided by the Voice of the Customer


Facebook Using Chatbot to Build New Currency

For many skeptical digital advocates, they associate chatbots with bothersome social media marketing and customer service strategies, like LinkedIn recruiting pitches and faulty Facebook messenger services. Read this article to learn about:

  • Facebook's previous failure
  • Libra
  • Personalization and automation


Reports, whitepapers, webinars, and an eBook

Special Report: Digital CX

In this Special Report, we explore what it takes for companies to build a top-notch digital customer experience. You’ll discover the following:

  • 6 hallmarks of an omnichannel customer experience 
  • 4 common mistakes businesses make in the digital customer experience
  • How to optimize various digital channels for their best use cases
  • 5 case studies of good digital CX from Amazon, Home Depot, Sephora and more


Special Report: Customer Insights and Analytics

By covering the following topics, this report will reveal:

  • 6 common mistakes you’re making with customer data
  • How AI, omnichannel and service design are changing the customer analytics landscape
  • What it really means to have “actionable intelligence” and a “360-degree view”
  • Specific keys to a better customer intelligence strategy


Forrester: The use of AI, chatbots and automation in customer journeys [REPORT]

This study from Forrester Consulting commissioned by LivePerson explores how business decision makers around the globe are using AI and automation in customer journeys. This suite of technologies drive loyalty, satisfaction and revenue while giving companies priceless access to additional data on customer interactions. 

Download this report for practical insights to apply in your business and learn: 

  • How brands increase revenue by using AI and automation in customer engagement
  • How the shift from voice to chat and messaging is expected to influence the brand/customer relationship
  • How companies must deliver interactions that are in line with customer expectations to drive loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue.


Global survey of speech analytics and conversational service automation: Destination 2020 [REPORT]

Convenience is more of an expectation from consumers than ever before. As the demand rises for relevant experiences that are customized in real time, brands are incorporating elements of artificial intelligence (AI) to meet experience expectations at scale, bolster employee productivity, enable operational efficiencies and ultimately embrace full-scale conversational service automation by 2020.

Download this report for practical strategies that can drive transformational change:

  • The migration of speech analytics from point solution to real-time customer journey orchestration
  • The new generation of speech analytics: Conversational service automation
  • Why speech analytics is becoming a broadly adopted core technology with enterprise-wide impact
  • How brands are achieving digital transformation and business outcomes with impressive ROI


Artificial intelligence in customer experience: 2019 Report

As businesses start to realise that a data driven approach is needed to survive and thrive in today’s economy, many professionals are keen to examine their data and uncover new ways of connecting with customers in innovative and hyper-personalised ways.

This 16 page report offers actionable insights. By reading this report you will learn:

  • Things to avoid when implementing AI into your brand’s customer experience
  • How to find the balance between AI and human interaction
  • The key foundation you need for AI to turbo charge the customer experiences your brand provides.
  • Advice about AI vendor selection
  • Golden rules for those reaching the early implementation stage
  • Strategies to calculate the ROI of virtual assistants and chatbots
  • Methods for enhancing B2B customer experiences


11 Reasons why customer service chatbots fail [WHITEPAPER]

Chatbots can be indispensable to a business' CX, but they often fail. Here are the biggest mistakes to avoid so you can extract maximum value from your chatbots.

Download this whitepaper for practical insights to apply in your business including: 

  • Key mistakes to avoid in your implementation of chatbots 
  • Actionable advice to avoid pitfalls and ensure your chatbots add value to the customer experience
  • Real-life examples of how companies have used chatbots to significantly improve their customer experience


Embedding intelligence to drive personalized customer experiences [WHITEPAPER]

To achieve the desired level of personalized customer experience, the best-in-class small and midsize companies are leveraging the digital transformation process and its technology advancements to move their organizations beyond fixing old problems to setting the stage for the next generation of their customer-handling environment.

Download this whitepaper for practical insights to apply in your business, including:

  • How market leaders are using analytics and big data to identify customer needs and address them
  • Chatbots and conversational AI applications to interface with customers
  • Way to apply AI/machine learning to anticipate individual customer needs
  • Using intelligent technologies to create differentiated and personalized experiences


Supercharge the customer experience with AI-powered order management [WEBINAR]

Access this free, on demand webinar to learn about: 

  • The challenges companies are seeing when not utilizing order management automation and how this is really affecting their customers
  • What order management automation is and how it uses artificial intelligence
  • How companies can improve order management with AI-driven automation technology and the advantages of this strategy
  • The key features that alleviate CSR's time to build relationships with customer, get product sent out faster while reducing order entry error rates
  • Real-world customer case studies and the benefits they received after implementing order management automation


Winning tactics for mastering the digital customer experience [WEBINAR]

Presented by digital solution principal at Medallia - Rachel Lane and behavioural analytics expert - Guy Greenberg, this webinar will provide best practice tips on how to analyse digital CX data and draw conclusions that will drive business results.

Access this free, on-demand webinar to learn: 

  • How to prioritise digital CX investments
  • Best practices on holistically collecting feedback across all your digital channels
  • How to turn insights into actions – unlocking the value of your CX data to drive business results
  • How to properly understand the overall customer journey
  • How to effectively analyse CX data and the structured and unstructured feedback in your system
  • How to operationalise your insights in order to close the loop and improve your CX


The Big Book of Customer Insight and Analytics 2019 [eBook]

Based on the back of research with 220 CX practitioners, case studies and insights from the likes of Allianz, John Lewis, the Post Office and PayPal, here are just a few of the insights contained in the Big Book:

  • B2B customers have a higher expectation for real-time interactions than customers on Main Street (64 per cent of B2C customers expect real-time interactions, with the numbers shooting up to 80% for B2B customers)
  • Despite 53 per cent of respondents claiming that a business “can never have too much data”, many also admit that they have little idea what they should or should not be paying attention to
  • Organizations are leveraging real-time sentiment analytics to be more responsive to customer needs
  • Only 22 per cent of organizations have a culture that supports a very strong focus on data and insights
  • While many people are talking about advanced data strategies, such as leveraging artificial intelligence, nearly one-third of respondents remain focused on defining baseline metrics that support the wider corporate strategy