Building an enterprise wide AI integration strategy

AI LIVE APAC July 16-18, 2019 on

Exploring how Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation can revolutionize your enterprise

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The savviest organisations and business leaders are well aware of the imperative to harness the future of AI and machine learning to drive continuous business improvement and innovative competitive service delivery, but many simply do not yet know how to go about implementing a clear strategy. With these common challenges in mind, the AIIA Network has developed a digital event for business leaders wanting to identify a practical strategy for selecting which business processes can be streamlined and improved by AI implementation. Attendees will learn the precise technology and steps needed to adapt a future-ready approach for the entire organisation.

Another tried and true AI LIVE event

AI Live is the seventh online summit from the AIIA Network, and is expected to draw over 1500 registrations. Free to attend, login at the comfort of your own desk, access the virtual lobby, visit the partner stands and enter the virtual presentation hall to learn the precise technology and steps needed to build an enterprise-wide AI integration strategy.

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