Innovation Through Leveraging Data to Make Decisions

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Seth Adler

Both business and data executives alike now must harness the change in velocity, veracity, variety and volume in data. The goal for the enterprise is to take advantage of the elimination of a delta in time. So executives must proactively and simultaneously activate iterative and long-term insights so that the enterprise can learn from real-time data to forecast the future.

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Session Overview:

Innovation Through Leveraging Data to Make Decisions
Uzair Rashid, Director Of Innovation, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Uzair Rashid is a vetted Strategy and Innovation Leader. In his current role as Director of Innovation at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts – Uzair is tasked with generating both incremental and around-the-bend innovations that align with business strategic imperatives to drive execution through innovation all with an aim to delight members and consumers.

There’s a new intersection within business that meets at strategy, innovation, and technology. Uzair lives at that intersection.