[LISTEN] Having a cardiac automation event

Pearls of wisdom from Episodes 96-100 of the AI & Intelligent Automation Network podcast

Seth Adler

The pearls of wisdom from the AI & Intelligent Automation Network podcast episodes 96-100 include: Having a cardiac automation event, keeping a human in the loop, disrupting while you operate efficiently, conceiving of an automation weave and charting your course.

Cardiac automation event

Episode 96: Steven Jo, Silicon Valley Bank

"It's like the open heart surgery. You're taking out your arteries, your main organs, upgrading them with digital technology, new operating models."

Iterative change only gets you so far. At a certain point, you've got to deal with the big issues. If you've gotten to a place where your benefiting from automation- you now must truly scale those wins across the global enterprise.


Human in the loop

Episode 97: Kamila Grembowicz, Adidas

"If there is analytical tool- artificial intelligence giving you a list- it's a great start. You go with the list. But I don't think you can completely replace recruiter intuition and face-to-face time with some candidates- or even a call- and have a feeling of the person."

Kamila outlines keeping a human in the loop in candidate sourcing but the centrifugal force of her message is the robot simply cannot replicate humanity (yet). And so, if the goal is to better serve the customer (along the value chain), it's imperative to keep a human in the loop.


Disrupt while operating efficiently

Episode 98: Tony Saldanha

"You should have a parallel strategy of automate and transform/disrupt. Because when you kind of look at things like data and AI- that's your disruptive part. You have to be able to walk and chew gum- which is operate and automate and disrupt at the same time."

'Disrupt or be disrupted' is a guiding concept as we make our way into the third decade of the 21st century. But 'disrupt while operating efficiently' is probably a more well rounded guiding concept for established legacy global corporate enterprise. 


Automation weave

Episode 99: Lee Coulter, IEEE

"The reality is that you're not going to want to build heavy IT integration between all these systems. You're always going to be looking for something to stitch these things together in ways that are important to the business that drive some sort of material outcome."

In episode 1 of the AIIA podcast Lee Coulter talked about a work-live-weave. He caps the 99th episode by suggesting to utilize the same mindset when figuring out your enterprise system integration.


Chart your course

Episode 100: Cindy Gallagher

"Even if the enterprise you're a part of hasn't set one- as a senior vice president, there's no reason why you shouldn't set an automation roadmap. No matter your position- set a roadmap for your team. Sometimes, you have to beg, borrow, and steal for budget, and you may have to find creative ways within your own P&L to shift money around before anyone will give you more of it. They're not just going to hand out dollars just because they like what you said."

You might still be at the starting line because you keep hearing how much easier it is if you have C-Level buy-in...but you don't. Cindy's advice is to damn the torpedoes and get going- at least iteratively. Prove the automation journey is worth taking, showcase your (small) wins so you can secure budget and buy-in moving forward.