[DEMO] From one to many: How to scale automation at your enterprise

Learn how to build an automation with AI in less than 10 minutes!

Seth Adler

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Catalytic’s VP of Product, Jeff Grisenthwaite takes us through the creation of an AI-informed automation process and how one person without a programming background can scale across the enterprise.

Four take-away benefits:

  1. Scale automation without a heavy IT lift
  2. Easily deploy AI
  3. Drive time and cost savings with 5x ROI
  4. Improve customer and employee experiences

Rapid pace to the business case

Jeff shows us how one can very quickly make the business case for the value that automation is providing. He notes that often times, users are turning the information from automated processes into action. You're automating the process of disseminated information so you can focus the enteprise on the next action to perform in each automed process.

Demo highlights

  • Combine a number of automated steps saving time yet handing off certain tasks for humans like contacting a customer
  • The tool is flexible, conforms to your environment, integrates with the systems you use 
  • The solution provides AI tools but can integrate with any tool you may have already implemented.

A few examples of use cases:

  • Automatically complete security questionnaires
  • Extracts contact terms
  • Engages with customers
  • On-board employees

A few other features:

  • Cloud-based application- no infrastructure, nothing to install
  • An actions library for you to automate processes that involve AWS, Automation Anywhere and myriad other partners as well as tools as simple as excel
  • Predictive modelings
  • Personal dashboards
  • Central dashboard for governance of processes, cost and ROI which includes an efficiency index
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