Unleashing internal and external unstructured data for your enterprise

Automation Anywhere's Abhijit Kakhandiki showcases how with IQ Bot

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Seth Adler

Abhijit Kakhandiki from Automation Anywhere discusses unleashing internal and external, unstructured data for your enterprise.

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Structure data from myriad unstructured sources

In the demo, Abhijit demonstrates how IQ Bot solves one of the largest problems that businesses have- incorporating unstructured data into process automation. IQ Bot can help you extract unstructured data from a myriad of sources to automate a number of processes downstream.

Growing smarter over time

Automation Anywhere has conceived of a platform of learning instances. So users can now "throw a bunch of documents" into a learning instance and using AI- IQ Bot will automatically figure out the optimal means to group documents. And just like a human would, IQ Bot can start incorporating information and grow smarter over a period of time.

Structured artificial intelligence

Additionally, trained AI models can be incorporated in IQ Bot such as Azure computer vision, Google AutoML prediction model. This means that unstructured data becomes structured artificial intelligence.

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