9 points on Vivek Wadhwa and what that means to you

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Seth Adler

9 points on Vivek Wadhwa and what that means to you

  1. So here’s a guy that’s working simultaneously at Carnegie Melon and Harvard Law.
  2. Here’s a guy that wrote a book titled: Your Happiness Was Hacked: Why Tech Is Winning the Battle to Control Your Brain—and How to Fight Back.
  3. Here’s a guy that wrote another book titled: Driver in the Driverless Car: How Our Technology Choices will create the future.
  4. Sure, Carnegie Melon is one of the most storied Artificial Intelligence institutions on the planet. And sure Harvard Law is one of the most storied institutions on the planet, period.
  5. And it’s a fact, your happiness was hacked and your brain is controlled by technology. And that’s a really interesting concept considering that humans are worried about machines taking control and we all talk about it like it’s about to happen at some point in the future.
  6. And it’s true, in “Driver…” the three questions posed are, “Does it have the potential to benefit everyone equally?”; “What are its risks and rewards?;” and “Does it promote autonomy or dependence?” And those are really fascinating societal questions to ask.
  7. And yes, you can see Vivek Wadwha speak at Intelligent Automation by registering here.
  8. And yes, there’s a ton of other great stuff on the agenda, here.
  9. And yes, it would be a bad idea not to join us.