Artificial Intelligence from Apple

Data Science Manager speaks at 4th Annual AI for Enterprise Australia

Seth Adler

It's not everyday that you get practical insight from a preeminent brand. But that's just what's happening at the 4th Annual AI for Enterprise Australia. Register now.

Practical Preeminence

Apple Data Science Manager Bhairav Mehta dives in on optimising product and customer experience through applied artificial intelligence. He'll discuss building models, advanced analytics, ML, neural networks and security.

Session Detail:

Apple need little introduction as a world leader in the technology space. With 588 million users worldwide, their strategy for innovation is not only leading but also a key focus for business advancement. Their data science team work around the clock on new and exciting projects to be introduced to the field and here Bhairav will discuss this work
  • Building intelligent models for field deployment
  • Advanced data analytics and subsequent design improvement
  • Machine learning and neural networks to predict performance and understand customer needs
  • Security issues when working with AI
Bhairav Mehta, Data Science Manager, Apple (USA)