How AI Informs A Circular Economy

Where is the value along your customer journey and what is the new currency in your AI journey?

Seth Adler

An AI LIVE Global On Demand Session:

How AI Informs A Circular Economy

Aric Dromi, Futurist on identifying value for your enterprise through an examination of friction points, destructive creativity and forcing your mindset to change

Key Takeaways Include:

  1. It doesn't matter how big your pile of data is if you cannot apply a single query to it, it doesn't really have a value.
  2. You see the change happen where the value has shifted due to interactions, informed by data.
  3. The three fundamental building blocks of society are energy, communication, and mobility in some sort of movement.
  4. We still treat customers as something that exist outside of the borders of the company.
  5. We need to design experiences that enable us to understand an economic impact of a specific technology.
  6. Start experimenting with your data to understand what are the data sets we need to start training today, in order to predict the value of tomorrow.
  7. Incentivize employees to create new models that destruct core business models in the company, in favor of a more valuable revenue streams.
  8. Kodak didn't fail because they made a mistake. They failed because they didn't make it seem a mistake.

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