Intelligent Automation Update

Top-level insight from Automation Anywhere's Manish Rai

Seth Adler

Automation Anywhere's Manish Rai joins us and looks back on 2016-2018 when global corporate enterprise executives were experimenting intelligent automation. 2019 was a year of change with the mainstreaming of intelligent document processing. In 2020, Manish shares that RPA has reached maturity providing empowerment to customers to take on intelligent automation at full speed.

A few key takeaways:

  • "One RPA platform that can help you orchestrate a business process end-to-end, front office, back office, employee, and stitch it together, so you can have that velocity and move and compete with the digital natives because they're not sitting still."
  • "When Gartner did the predictions for 2020, they said by 2023 50% of the RPA scripts will be automatically generated. And that's what we actually are delivering today to people, that capability."
  • "RPA is increasingly becoming the orchestrator of AI- adding judgment, decisions and predictions."
  • "The virtuous cycle is discover, automate and then optimize."


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