Taking AI action [WATCH]

Real-time Business Impact of Coronavirus session [On-Demand]

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Seth Adler

The real-time AI & Intelligent Automation action session shines a light on what action to take now including 7 AI use cases through insight provided by panelists Michael Xiao from Blue Cross Blue Shield and Ty Grandison from The Data-Driven Institute.

Reliability leads to resilience

Regarding Coronavirus, it's now clear that if the average age of a population is advanced- that will have an adverse affect on flattening the case curve. But having reliable testing tools and processes are of the utmost importance.

Taking action

The panel suggestes that a cogent self-realization of your state of affairs coupled with the realization of how tools and processes can move you to a next state of being is the central key of how to take action on your AI & Intelligent Automation in this most unique time in our collective history.

Session highlights include:

  • What steps should global corporate enterprise take, skip or avoid completely?
  • How should the current roadmap be altered?
  • What are the lessons-learned that have already been realized?
  • A review of 7 AI Use cases
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