Tomorrow, Today [VIDEO]

Getting ahead of what's next

Seth Adler

Barbara Hodge joins us to discuss what global enterprise practitioners are doing today regarding tomorrow. We dive into predictive outcomes, computer vision and how none of it matters if you don't have a vision for your enterprise.


Predictive outcomes

We discuss that whether it be in business or in life, humans are already depending on machines for predictive outcomes. Human choices are at least in-part- if not at times wholly- dictated by machines. Whether you're simply choosing something to watch or directing a 1.5 ton piece of metal at high speeds, it's not your human brain that's in charge.

Data cleansing vs. analytics

We discuss a statistic which suggests that 75% of the time enterprises are spending with data is in cleansing. Not analyzing, not evaluating, not deciding- cleansing. 

Enterprise vision

And we discuss the concept of time being spent to cleanse data to get it into artificial intelligence solutions without conceiving of a strategy for the enterprise. When you're cleansing your data, ask yourself if there is a vision of what you'll do for tomorrow's new customers based on what your artificial intelligence feeds to you today.