13 - 14 August, 2019 | Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Pre-Conference Workshops: Monday, 12th August 2019

Workshops A

9:00 am - 11:00 am Building a Robust AI Environment Which Will Integrate Into Business Units Strengthening Them For The Future

When building artificial intelligence into an enterprise, various structural considerations need to be made. Preparing an environment in which machine learning and automation can be seamlessly introduced will enable eased adoption of initiatives. These can then be scaled across differing business units. The skills of the workforce charged with implementing these strategies is key to success.

This workshop is an opportunity to learn from Mark Moloney, Principle of machine learning & AI solutions at Telstra. Mark is versed in the back end work necessary to introduce machine learning and AI into business processes. He will share his expertise on how to best maximise the opportunities available to the business through use of AI.

What you will learn
  • Learn to construct frameworks capable of supporting a machine learning environment
  • Progress the adoption of machine learning and AI across your organization
  • Understand how to scale artificial intelligence into operations and customer service
  • Advance your skills to best leverage machine learning to simplify complex systems
  • Gain insights into experimenting with IOT capabilities
  • Consider the opportunities to progress the customer experience with deeper personalization of services
Mark Moloney, Machine Learning & AI Solutions Principal at Telstra

Mark Moloney

Machine Learning & AI Solutions Principal

Workshops B

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Implementing A Data Science Practice With Robust Data Governance And A Data Environment Capable Of Supporting Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Initiatives

Machine learning and Statistical Analysis are popular techniques used today in Artificial Intelligence applications. For machine learning to identify patterns and hidden correlations large amounts of data are needed. The better the quality the data you feed into the machine, the better the results will be. As such, ensuring robust data governance and a strong data environment are central to successful data science practice and the construction of AI initiatives which further the business across all business units.

What you will learn
  • Understand the true meaning of data quality and governance and its significance for data science
  • Learn best practice techniques for building a backend framework which will support machine learning initiatives
  • Gain perspectives on what successful data governance should look like
Michelle Kempster, Head of Data Governance and Quality at Tabcorp

Michelle Kempster

Head of Data Governance and Quality

Workshop C

8:00 am - 8:30 am CBA Use Cases and Experiences To Guide Integration of Artificial Intelligence Into Your Enterprise

·         Hear case studies from CBA as a leader in the AI space, on progressive use of artificial intelligence to bolster business operations and outcomes
·         Learn how to embed data science into the business strategy and implement initiatives which will positively impact all units
·         Build a kit of data science techniques to help solve complex enterprise problems
·         Gain skills in tackling more complex capability builds for AI in your business : CBA share their work done in AI Labs