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 Leveraging Enterprise AI Strategy To Create Competitive Advantage, Personalise Experiences & Drive Ethical Customer Outcomes

AI is gaining huge traction in the plans and hopes of financial services, but in Australia the situation on the ground isn’t so clear. Reports have found just 17 per cent of Australian enterprises are ‘seasoned’ AI adopters, only 34 per cent have a company-wide AI strategy; meaning organisations have yet to define clear value out of specific AI use cases, and prepare their infrastructure to effectively host these services in the first place.

This is exactly why we have built an agenda dedicated to AI in Financial Services, as 2020 will be the most challenging year yet for enabling AI development, innovation, and implementation.

AI in Financial Services | Key Themes

AI Strategy: Establishing an enterprise-wide technology and data roadmap for AI

AI Business Case: Demonstrating wins and suitability of AI capabilities through successful, scalable proof of concepts across risk management, CX and back office

Transparent, Ethical and Compliant AI: Navigating regulatory compliance, ethics & transparency challenges with deploying AI

Scaling & Governance: Ensuring data quality, availability and reliability across AI-models deployed within business operations

Predicting Customer Pain Points & Needs: Enhancing customer insight generation and pain point identification through machine learning models


The agenda won’t focus on isolated or low-value use cases, instead it will tie case studies and discussion points to the strategic outcomes of AI: the problems it solves, and the opportunities it creates.

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Tackle the most relevant shared challenges in the face of the Royal Commission, increasing regulation, Open Banking, and customer scrutiny through BFSI-dedicated use cases

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Define the key pillars of your AI strategy with executive perspectives from CIOs, GMs and Heads of Data & AI to help you communicate business outcomes and benefits to stakeholders and leadership

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Prepare your technology, data, and cultural landscape for AI through practical learnings from industry practitioners regardless of what stage your organisation’s AI journey is at

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Learn from International Experts like Singapore Exchange’s Head of Data Science to understand how pioneers in the space have approached and continue to mature their AI initiatives