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AI & Intelligent Automation offers BFSI the opportunity to improve on and expand customer experience, back-office processes, marketing and security to name a few. This value-add benefits clients and enterprise alike. AI has the potential to decrease corporate spend, which can then be passed onto the customer. Thus AI has the potential to increase customer satisfaction in a day where user experience (UX) matters more than ever.

5 reasons why you should attend:

Optimizing Customer Experience with AI

Augmenting Your AI Data

Overcoming Challenges to Harness Predictive Analytics for your Enterprise

AI Compliance & Fraud Detection

Combatting Scaled Automation Risks


26 MAY

11:00am ET: Opening Remarks
Seth Adler, IQPC Digital

11:00am ET: Applied AI in BFSI
Rami Al Karmi, SVP/Chief Innovation Officer, Ahli Bank & CEO Ahli Fintech
  • Realizing the moment-in-time opportunity through comparisons to past industry disruptions
  • Understanding there is no reason to set up a digital operation if it doesn’t evolve
  • Conceiving of a fusion of internal & external operations with all stakeholders bought-in
  • Engaging in "tri-horizon" self-disruption
  • Moving from catch-up to leap frog
  • Being data-led not data-driven
  • Harnessing AI within the customer journey
  • Engineering Know Your Customer utilizing AI

12:00pm ET: Optimizing Customer Experience with AI 
  • Meeting evolving customer expectations now and in the future 
  • Enabling cognitive automation fueled by customer data to offer the real-time guidance
  • Offering products and services that meet a customer’s need before they even ask
  • Augmenting human interaction with AI as opposed to replacing it 

1:00pm ET: Augmenting Your AI Data
  • Divining your most valuable data based on enterprise and customer needs
  • Applying cognitive tools to optimize and augment your most valuable data
  • Increasing accuracy as your cognitive automation tools continually learn from your data
  • Realizing both large scale and personalized accuracy for your enterprise, workforce and customer

2:00pm ET: Overcoming Challenges to Harness Predictive Analytics for your Enterprise
  • Realizing the volume of required data is vast
  • Understanding that accessing the true source of data is difficult
  • Grappling with pattern recognition which is not easy at the start 
  • Uncovering the difficulty of system integration 
  • Truly examining the budget and talent needed for the task at hand 
27 MAY

11:00am ET: AI & Compliance
  • Beginning with applications that identify, parse, and suggest changes in the face of consistent internal and external regulatory compliance changes 
  • Deliberately rolling out automation to ensure that regulatory compliance is never a question 
  • Working with with regulators and external governing bodies to ensure your automation can work at scale 
  • Consistently reviewing automation regulatory compliance 

12:00pm ET: AI & Fraud Detection
  • Ensuring your enterprise is nearly free of fraud through the application of AI
  • Vastly reducing false flags through geo-location, transaction history, etc. to stamp out damage to the bank/client relationship
  • Continually up-skilling and re-skilling your AI fraud detection tools

1:00pm ET: Combatting Scaled Automation Risks 
  • Examining the ideal structure your risk organization
  • Certifying that your AI/IA has technical governance at scale
  • Collaborating with regulators and external governing bodies to ensure your automation can work at scale
  • Demonstrate your technical governance ensure that your automation won’t fail at scale



Rami Al Karmi

Rami Al Karmi

Chief Executive Officer and CIO

Ahli FinTech, Al Ahli Bank, Jordan

Seth Adler

Seth Adler



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