Developing And Implementing Governance, Audit And Security For Deployment And Protection Of Data

In the age of automation, it is continuously becoming harder for businesses to protect their data for security and privacy for their customers. Governance of automation strategies is quickly becoming one of the major issues for many businesses, especially as automation does not work in the same governance framework as IT does. In this presentation from Intelligent Automation 2018 , Rolf Green, Director Information, Policy and Innovation, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, explores automation across government sectors- from back office automation to introducing “concierge” AI powered chatbots- and how to create a good best practice and governance framework to avoid problems and ensure what you are using is compliant.

AI For Government Past Presentation Packet

Ahead of AI for Government 2019, we offer you a look at some exclusive presentations from the 2018 event. Enjoy insights from:

  • Alicia Olson-Keating, Head of Audience Data and Insights at ABC
  • Roger Rooney, Senior Project Manager, Smart Parking and Machine Learning ACT Government
  • Melanie Wind, General Manager, Data and Analytics at icare NSW