09 - 10 September, 2019
Park Hyatt, Dubai, UAE

Day Two Workshops

Be a part of our dedicated 60-minute workshops across the 2 days that cater to specific industries, operations or objectives.
Choose the workshop of your choice led by industry experts and solution providers and take back knowledge that you can immediately put into affect in your organisation.

7:00 am - 8:00 am CYBER SECURITY IN AI AI for cyber security and securing your AI

Deep dive into the rising use of AI in securing IT infrastructures and how advanced neural networks can both be a threat and a blessing for cyber security professionals. With advanced technologies come advanced cyber threats and there have already been cases of hackers using AI for cyber crime.

The workshop will cover:
  • How is AI helping in identifying new malware
  • The different ways of using AI for enhancing your cyber security
  • Limitations and potential risk areas of AI in the cyber space
  • From prevention and protection to detection to response: AI can do it all but it isn’t the only thing you need

7:00 am - 8:00 am FINANCE AI Using machine and deep learning to enhance the finance industry

This banking, finance and insurance-focused workshop will explore the potential of ML and DL in making the BFSI sector more secure, efficient and personalised.

The workshop will cover areas such as:
  • Using ML in enhancing fraud detection
  • ML for better creditworthiness analysis
  • Advanced market insights for advanced investment decision
  • Roboadvisors for investment predictions
  • Managing risks using deep learning

7:00 am - 8:00 am HEALTHCARE AI AI for personal care, treatment and diagnosis

Discover how AI and its applications enhance patient treatment, diagnosis and provides personalised care.

The workshop will cover:
  • AI in early disease detection
  • Cognitive technologies for analysing health data for better diagnosis and decision making
  • Robotic surgeries and its pros and cons
  • Virtual assistants for providing personalised and daily care