Customise your CX journey and become the №1 choice in your market by applying AI solutions to engage and retain your customers

AI solutions are growing as one of the hottest investments across industries. 37% of organisations have already started implementing AI for CX, while another 41% have plans to implement it by 2020 to boost their CX capabilities. What does AI mean for CX and how do we use it to deliver results for our business

Master the power of AI technology to enhance your CX by learning from the best examples of integration in the global, cross-industry market – what has worked for them, what hasn’t worked and if they had to start the adoption process again, what would they do differently?

At AI for CX we will explore how to get to know and to engage your customer using predictive real-time sentiment and context analytics, self service and other intelligent automation solutions.

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As AI adoption rates and marketplace confusion about what AI can do heighten, we aim to bring together thought leaders and practitioners that will help you ensure you get the most out of your investment and a healthy sustainable kick-start on your AI journey. We will provide you with the opportunity to interact, engage and network with international peers, aligning on the same goals: to drive improvements across CX by harnessing the true potential of AI.

Not sure if you’re AI-ready? Join the conference to see how the most effective solutions can be applied to solve your CX challenges across any stage of your enterprise development and how to carry out a smart transformation, which will bring you long-lasting results!

How do you know this is for you?

  • Are you a professional who embraces and drives innovation within your organisation?
  • Do you recognise the disruptive impact AI technology is having on our customer interactions and processes?
  • Would you like to gain a better understanding of what AI can do for your organisation and your customers?
  • Are you looking into or have been investing in AI and IA solutions for CX?
  • Have you been looking for new ways to provide a personalised proactive experience for your customers?
  • Are customer satisfaction and loyalty amongst your priorities?
  • Are you working on engaging your customer through a variety of digital channels?

If you answered yes to some of the above, it is likely you will find the time you'll spend at the conference valuable to moving your organisation in the direction of being the No1 choice for the customers in your industry.

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Set up a sustainable AI eco-system which will allow you to reap benefits in the long run with minimal input and maximal output

Discover where to integrate AI into your CX strategy to get the biggest returns for your customers and your investment

Identify and shape your customers' needs to ensure that you are at the forefront of your industry's CX transformation

Use AI to enhance personalisation and proactive service delivery

Demonstrate appreciation of your customers’ loyalty and precious time by taking your omni-channel strategy to the next level with chat bots

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