12 - 14 November, 2019 | London, Uk

Pre-Conference Masterclass: The Future of Contact Centres

12:30 - 13:00 REGISTRATION


Martin Hill-Wilson - Founder, Brainfood Consulting
Dr. David Naylor - Founder, Humanotics
By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. Forrester reports that some companies are relying on AI to reduce the volume of human interactions by 50% in only 2 years.
What’s more in PwC research, 64% of consumers say it is more important to have instant access to quality customer service than to preserve customer service jobs.
So contact centres must change but as Forrester says “Having a successful AI-driven customer service or sales program will depend on the processes that support a blended AI approach. Humans will play a critical role in the ongoing optimization of AI.”
So can AI radically transform customer service?
This Masterclass will address this key question as well as educating, inspiring and equipping Service Leaders with the necessary insights and frameworks to help them deliver this transformation as part of a Complete Plan for Using AI in the Contact Centre.
About the Masterclass
The core value of AI lies in its ‘better than human’ ability to predict. This can power smarter routing, optimise contact strategy, differentiate service experiences, transform service journeys, boost team productivity and personalise employee engagement.  Once organised as a prioritised roadmap, this becomes the way in which contact centres finally transform their value over the next few years.
Our master class introduces the most comprehensive and unique framework for prioritising your AI investments in terms of customer interaction and contact centre management. It will also guide you with best practice approaches for delivering AI based change within a broader Digital Transformation framework. It has been designed from a collaborative pooling of expertise between Dr David Naylor and Martin Hill-Wilson; both highly regarded experts in customer contact.
The single most important outcome you will take away is how to organise your AI strategy as a refreshable roadmap covering all areas.  This immediately puts you at an advantage over those who just react to the next overhyped AI solution.            
This matters because over the next few years every working part of your customer service ecosystem will become AI infused. Added together it will become a whole new way of working with customers and colleagues. That new Service Operating Model, which blends humans with AI, must be designed to deliver optimum effectiveness.
As with all technology, it is how you deploy that delivers the value. Therefore an upfront awareness of the ‘big picture’ resulting in prioritised investment and change ownership decisions puts you in a much better place to execute effectively and rapidly.
Topics Covered
·         Using AI for predictive routing
·         Using AI during live assistance, self service and proactive service
·         Using AI to transform service journeys
·         How AI transforms quality and performance management
·         How AI changes recruitment and people development
·         How AI improves forecasting and scheduling
·         How AI impacts analytics real time insight and reporting
Who Should Attend
This is for all service leaders with the ambition to transform. You might come from the contact centre, CX, digital, innovation or any other team that looks to organise future strategy.  An understanding of customer service operations is helpful.

Martin Hill-Wilson

Brainfood Consulting


Dr. David Naylor