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Unlocking the Power of Data and Technology to Improve the Customer Experience at Sydney Airport

Ahead of the Digital Disruption X Summit 2019 we chat to Peter Thomson, Digital Program Manager at Sydney Airport. In this article Peter chats to us about Sydney Airport’s use of big data, Internet of Things and data analytics and explores how these tools are allowing customers to make relaxed and informed travel decisions across a number of digital channels. 

How Digital Disruption is Transforming Operations in 2019 and Beyond

With 2019 fresh, now is the time to look ahead and explore how digital disruption is transforming operations and informing business model evolution, technology integration and new ways of working.

To understand and answer these questions, ahead of the Digital Disruption X Summit 2019, we surveyed 100 digital transformation professionals from a cross-section of the industry, to find out what they think the major innovations, challenges and opportunities are that will fundamentally transform business operations in the coming years.

The key themes explored in this report include:

  1. Evolving the Business
  2. Harnessing Technology
  3. Culture & Experience 

Insights into Sunsuper’s Customer-Centric Digital Transformation Journey

Ahead of the Digital Disruption Summit 2019, we chat with Darren Kavanagh, Team Leader, Employer & New Business and Trevin Erichsen, Manager, Analytics and Insights at Sunsuper. Darren and Trevin will discuss how Sunsuper’s digital transformation journey has improved operational efficiency and customer offerings by leveraging digital growth to position themselves as 2020 ready.