How the Department of Internal Affairs NZ is Incorporating a Service Design Focus Strategy to Save 107M Per Annum and Invest in Innovation

In this past presentation from Digital Disruption X 2018, Darryl Carpenter, Head of Integrated Services at the Department of Internal Affairs NZ discussed how to:

  • Utilise a collaborative shared ICT services 
  • Partner with organisations and agencies to boost innovation and collaboration 
  • Implement an ICT strategy that is agile and outcome focused 
  • Use design focus to not only improve your employee engagement for innovation, but implement a design focus strategy that ensures efficiency is increased

How Sydney Water is Driving Culture to Bolster Risk Taking, Agility and Collaboration

In this past presentation from Digital Disruption X 2018, Jo-Ann Pass, Head of Digital Operations at  Sydney Water discussed how to:

  • Create an effective digital culture to bolster risk taking, agility and collaboration 
  • Invest in your own talent and resources to benefit from success breeding success 
  • Train your staff to have transformative vision, become a forward thinker and ebbed a change oriented mindset rather than enhancing technological skills 
  • Embrace digital congruence (culture, people, structure and tasks aligned with each other, company strategy and the challenges of constantly changing digital landscape)

How Dimmi Online Reservations is Using Future Thinking to increase your Success Rate for Innovation

In this past presentation from Digital Disruption X 2018, Jared Chapman, Managing Director at Dimmi Online Restaurant Reservations discussed how to: 

  • Implement design thinking to minimize the uncertainty and risk of innovation by engaging customers
  • Incorporate design that has the wow factor making products more desirable and services more appealing to users
  • Integrate creative problem solving (CPS) for your employees to develop a a culture of design thinking in your organisation 

The Great Transformation: History for a Techno-Human Future

In this past presentation from Digital Disruption X 2018, Judith Bessant, Executive Digital Lead and Professor at RMIT ran through: 

  • Case samples of three transformations underway in financial markets, entertainment and medicine now affecting all aspects of work and social life. 
  • Addressed questions on how well governments, businesses and communities dealt with much smaller disruptions like the 2008 global financial crisis and our capacity to deal effectively with radical change