Darren Kavanagh

Team Leader, Employer & New Business to Manager, Digital Transactions & Gateways SunSuper

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 27th March 2019

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

2:00 PM Case Study: How a Customer Obsessed Digital Transformation Facilitated Business Growth at SunSuper

Driven by a desire to become one of the top Superannuation providers in Australia and to keep up with changes in the Financial industry Sunsuper began its digital transformation journey about 4 years ago  with the launch of a program of work which would invest $100m into its technology platforms. The program was aimed at delivering the business and technology change that will help transform the way Sunsuper operates, making it 2020 ready. The Program is much more than a technology or process change, it is a change to the way we work as an organisation which is driven by 2 key principles:

  • Deliver market leading customer experience, and
  • Provide service that is efficient and can meet the needs of our customers at a low cost

In this session Darren will share:

  • Preparing and embedding this vision across the organisation involved a parallel organisational restructure; chiefly pulling together Technology and Customer Experience teams to ensure the vision of customer obsession becomes part of everything SunSuper does
  • Results: Awards for SuperFund of the year and growth trajectory (FUM and Members)
  • Next steps: Customer & Technology teams are beginning to focus on how they operate and moving from a technology driven area to a customer value driven area.

3:10 PM Creating a New Language for Digital to Break Down Silos and Improve Outcomes

Across large organisations with staff of differing backgrounds, demography and digital literacy there is a challenge in creating a commonly understood vernacular to ‘sell’ the vision to staff. This is necessary to enable staff to continue the conversation and to integrate digital into the culture.

In this session panellists will discuss theory and practical application of a digital transformation language:
 How do you tie the vision and the transformation to underlying organisational values and goals?
 How do you measure baseline digital literacy?
 How do you evolve the language and conversation over time?
 How do create a language which caters to individuals from all business units?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Darren.

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