Simona Turin

Executive General Manager Customer Acquisition and Revenue Management Xero

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 27th March 2019

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

9:50 AM Panel Discussion: Utilising New Ways of Working to Create Better Assets, Faster

There is now a need for business to respond, create and innovate quicker than ever before. New ways of working offer a strategy for doing this by steering the organization away from traditionally siloed structures and towards the establishment of a collaborative community capable of co-creating for the greater good of the organization. In this session panelists will discuss:

  • What does ‘new ways of working’ mean within your organization? 
  • How to bring likeminded staff together and create a space for them to collaborate
  • The benefits received by the entire organization from adopting new ways of working 
  • Potential of this approach to improve organizational efficiency and culture 


2:00 PM Xero Case Study: Leveraging Partnerships to Innovate Products and Accelerate Business

Xero has embarked on a massive journey of self-disruption. In order to provide a better value proposition to businesses and customers Xero is moving from being solely an accounting solution to an entire business platform: #Beautifulbusiness. The ability to make this transition has been attributed to creating an extensive ecosystem of partners who’ve widened the capabilities of the business. In this session Simona will discuss:

  • How taking advantage of partnerships has enabled Xero to better innovate in-house
  • How Xero overcame initial resistance and guided engineers through the process of ‘letting go of doing it all’ in-house
  • The Business model evolution which has gone hand in hand with this transition

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Simona.

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