View Event Guide - Digital Transformation and Emerging Technology ME

View Event Guide - Digital Transformation and Emerging Technology ME

Ever found yourself wondering what ‘Digital Transformation’ really is? You are not alone.

77% CxOs are struggling with modern digitalisation!

From our conversations with CxOs in the region, we learnt that their biggest pain is not having a proper understanding of modern digitalisation and that they are working towards a digital strategy with no direction.

The future of commerce is more than just revenue building business agendas and brand creation. It is time to replace the legacy business models with transformation, innovation, digitisation, and strategic business models.

The Digital Transformation & Emerging Technology Middle East 2019, taking place 9-10 September 2019 in Dubai dedicates itself to creating a conversational space around how upcoming technologies are tools that can be used to improve operational excellence, product innovation, design creation, enhanced customer experience, analytical marketing and so much more.

Join us as we discuss key aspects with business leaders in charge of successful transformations and decision-makers who have designed fruitful business strategies.

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