Scaling Enterprise Performance and Growth with Augmented Workforce

Advances made in the space of robotics, analytics and AI are fast changing the nature of work and how business is done. There are immense potential to tap into these areas for enhanced productivity, value-added work and business performance.

As companies aggressively embark on digital transformation and strategise their roadmap towards becoming a digital enterprise, the critical question to ask is – how are enterprises managing their workforce throughout this change?

Business and workforce leaders need to re-assess and remap their workforce strategy – reviewing existing operations, technologies, opportunities, reorganise work and plan for future growth.

Part of the 2019 Future of Work and co-located with Future Workplace Asia Summit 2019, join us at our Future Workforce Asia Summit 2019 to explore how you can build enterprise capabilities and future-proof your organisation with a smart workforce.

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Speakers in 2019 Include:

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Key Conference Themes


Reengineering business operations with a cognitive workforce to unlock productivity gains


Redefining key performance indicators to govern and manage your digital workforce


Deploying an augmented workforce to drive greater operational and cost efficiency


Redesigning core business functions for agile operations and sustainability in the long run


Building a hybrid workforce with AI and robots to drive organisational productivity and performance

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Why Attend

Reinvent work in the age of digital disruption: Evaluate new skills, talent requirements and opportunities

Adopting a hybrid workforce to strengthen your enterprise’s resilience for the future

Leverage technologies such as AI, ML, and automation to increase operational excellence and workforce efficiency

Evaluate skill, technology and talent to build capable, digital workforce for the business of tomorrow

Gain a comprehensive guide on how you can build and deploy a high performing workforce to ensure enterprise digital-readiness

Co-located with Future Workplace Asia Summit, gain a comprehensive guide on how your organisation can prepare for the future of work

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