Download the Past Presentation - Welcome to my fave workspace

Past presentation from Audra Pakalnyte, Regional Head of People, Fave Group

Download the Past Presentation - Effective Strategies on Leadership Development & Succession Planning

Past presentation from Adzhar Ibrahim, Head of People & Organization, Maxis

Download the Past Presentation - Leveraging Workforce Analytics in Strategic Business Planning

Past presentation from Manoj Kumar, Head of HR Analytics - Global Businesses & Centre of Excellence, HSBC - The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

Download the Article - Defining the Future of Work: Combining the Power of People and Technology

From designing job roles, to organising work processes and practices, configuring offices and empowering employees, the opportunity and necessity for iterative change for the future of work is all but impossible to ignore.

But what do organisation need to do now? What future-proof considerations do they need to put in place? In this whitepaper we explore:

  • The technologies becoming the central drivers of change
  • The impacts of digitalisation on the future of work
  • The future-proof considerations that cannot be ignored

Download the content - How to future-proof your organisation: Augmenting humans and machines

Dr Jaclyn Lee has over 25 years of HR experience and is viewed by the community as a thought leader in the areas of HR Technology and Analytics. We sat down to discuss human and machine augmentation in the workplace. Download our interview to see:

  • How the workforce landscape is shifting with the onslaught of automation 
  • How human and machines can be augmented for future-proofing organisations

How Einstein inspired a future workplace

PRUWorkplayce is the brainchild of Gaurab Banerji and his team at Prudential, Singapore. The organisation’s innovative workplace transformation is more in style with tech giants like Google than an insurance company, which is exactly where the new company culture wants to be. Incorporating the newly identified core values into the design brief, the revamp was built to align with new ways of working and a behavioral shift in how people work. We sat down with Gaurab to discuss this workplace of the future and why Albert Einstein was a key inspiration. 

Imagine a future with no email

The struggles of office life are a timeless and enduring narrative for people all over the world—regardless of industry, job description or pay grade.

For instance, have you ever spent more than half an hour trying to schedule a meeting via email, only to have it cancelled at the last minute? Or felt the frustration of having to comb through your inbox to find that one tiny piece of information you thought you’d filed elsewhere?

For serial entrepreneur Dennis Mortensen, these are the kinds of struggles that make artificial intelligence an all-too-alluring gift for the future of our workforce.

Download to read more.