Past Presentation Slides

Download the Past Presentation - Welcome to my fave workspace

Past presentation from Audra Pakalnyte, Regional Head of People, Fave Group

Download the Past Presentation - Effective Strategies on Leadership Development & Succession Planning

Past presentation from Adzhar Ibrahim, Head of People & Organization, Maxis

Download the Past Presentation - Leveraging Workforce Analytics in Strategic Business Planning

Past presentation from Manoj Kumar, Head of HR Analytics - Global Businesses & Centre of Excellence, HSBC - The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

Optus: New Workforce Strategies to Anticipate Future Organisational Needs

Ahead of Future Workforce Asia Summit, we have compiled a collection of the top presentations from our global series of Future Workforce events for your reading pleasure. 

 In this Q&A session, Optus shared their reworking frameworks and introduced new strategies and methodologies to anticipate organisational needs. 

Making Better Decisions and Driving Change: RBC’s Approach to Managing the Workforce

In this presentation Robert Carlyle, Director, Strategic Workforce Management at the Royal Bank of Canada explored:

  • What are the key conversations that need to take within HR and with leaders to shape the workforce?
  • How can the use of data become routine, part of the ‘way business is done’?
  • What is the role of workforce planning in the larger context of managing human capital?
  • How can the workforce be segmented for more precise, targeted development?
  • How can technology enable eff ective workforce analysis, planning and management?